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Frequently Asked Questions

Check this Cool Air Systems FAQ page to see quick answers to your

heating and cooling repair

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How often should I change filters?
  Every 30 days, if you use a disposable filter. For Media or Electronic Air Cleaners, change every 8 months to a year, depending on dust conditions and home locations.
What is air flow?
  Air flow affects systems efficiency and capacity. Air enters the system through the filter, then through the indoor unit, past the air ducts, and finally into each room. If this is not flowing with ease, it could be backing up and not performing as designed.
What does a new system cost?
  We can’t predict the future, but we do our best to prevent heating and cooling system malfunctions. That’s why we ask questions before we give you quote! We’ll need to know if there’s insulation in the attic, the location of ducts, sizes and types of windows and what direction they face, and how many people are in the home.
Does my current system use too much electricity?
  We recommend having a snapshot capacity test to measure your system’s performance and power levels.
Why is my 2 year old heating or cooling system failing over and over?
  Nine times out of ten the culprit is improper air flow. Restricted or leaking air will make the new system act like an old one (or even worse!)
Do I need a new heating and cooling system?
  If your system is 15 years older, it may not be a bad idea. Our goal is to repair when possible, and maybe even replace it if we find the system has lived out its life.
What is a Service Contract?
  We have 10-15 point checks for the fall and spring. We check cooling and heating system components to ensure they’re operating as designed. Ensure that you get what you pay for!
Why does my house have bad hot and cold spots?
  Poor duct design is usually the culprit, and a redesign will help.
What is zoning?
  Zoning means adding 2-4 thermostats in the home on one system and controlling the temps of those areas in the home. This concept eliminates hot and cold spots and works well in two story homes in which there is only one existing system.

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